Narconomics: an interview with Tom Wainwright

Everyone loves economics, don’t they? So I asked @t_wainwright, of The Economist, for his personal views on some of the political and economic issues behind the Mexican drug wars in general and the situation in Juárez (setting for Saint Death) in particular. Tom, first of all, thanks very much for agreeing to answer a few questions, and…


The central sections of Saint Death revolve around a card game, called Calavera.

If you’d like to try playing it, here are the rules…:

Saint Death

Saint Death plays out on the borderland of Mexico and the USA. It’s the story of Arturo, who has one night to play a deadly card game to save his friend Faustino’s life – Faustino having fallen into working for a street gang in Juarez, connected to the drug trade. It’s a story about power,…