Undiagnosis no 3 – July 2018

This is a short newsletter this month, some news about the four UK book festivals I’m taking part in.

21st July – The NYALitfest, Preston

26th August – The Edinburgh Book Festival, where I’ll be doing two events. First, I’ll be in conversation with Frances Hardinge, and second, I’ll be debating which is the ‘better’ novel, Frankenstein or Dracula, with Dr Sam Georgeof the University of Hertfordshire, in a great big Goth book battle.

6th October – The Bath Children’s Literature Festival

20th October – Something very fun in London to do with Death…. Stay tuned!

At all these events I will be speaking at least somewhat about my next book, which is called The Monsters We Deserve, which emerges from the dark cave where it has been lurking in September. I love doing book festivals, not least because talking about writing books is a damn-sight easier than actually writing books. Plus, as a rule, the audiences are well-read, ask great questions and it’s almost always a great delight in general.

Here’s the first look at the new trailer for it.

That’s all this time around. I wish you a happy start to your summer. See you soon.



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