I had a lot of lovely emails about Snow. And then there was this…

I post here, verbatim, the entire text of an email I received about my book Snow. I’m posting it as it shows what we’re up against, in some cases, in discussing climate change. Incidentally, there were no opening or closing formalities or pleasantries, there was just this. “Enjoy”.

London, in 1665, an epidemic began. As it slowly gained ground, Parliament sort advice from notable academics and scientists as to the cause of the disease and the actions the State Administration should employ to halt the spread of the disease which, early in 1665, wasn’t that serious. 

The Government advisors, in the form of the scientific consensus of the day, correctly identified the epidemic as being the old scourge, Bubonic Plague, a disease most people in Europe were familiar with. The same Government advisors, after a great deal of consultation, came to the firm conclusion that the plague was being carried and spread by the huge number of dogs in the city. As a result of these learned conclusions, Parliament passed emergency legislation to have all the dogs in London put down. In a matter of a few days, it is thought that over half a million dogs were killed, many of them being thrown into the Thames from London Bridge. 

The epidemic continued to advance at a greater rate, Parliament and the People becoming more alarmed. Again, the advice of the experts was sort by the Authorities, the conclusion this time being that it was both the dogs and the cats which were responsible for the spread of the lethal disease. Once again, Parliament passed legislation to have all cats put down. Within a week, nearly one million cats were killed, most of the carcasses being thrown into the Thames from London Bridge. (Incidentally, 40,000 people lived on the River at that time and the constant shower of carcasses being thrown into the river during that time gave rise to the expression, ‘Raining Cats and Dogs’.)

Without any natural predators, London’s Black Rat population exploded, vastly accelerating the spread of the Bubonic Plague. The rest is history.

The lesson to be learned from this historical anecdote is, when it comes to identifying an obvious fact, the educated Establishment demonstrate the same level of intuition as the rest of the population. But when it comes to applying a solution, political Establishment display a level of foolishness that is an order of magnitude greater than the average citizen. That is why so many commentators have been failing to explain-away Brexit, Trump, Putin and all the other off-piste movements taking place across the Globe. 

I am not able rightly to comprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that has lead the Chattering Classes to be so consistently wrong about everything – but it has reached a point now where it is possible to reach a perfectly correct conclusion simply by holding the opposite view to that of the political Establishment.

This unhealthy state continues by dint of modern authors such as your good self. The question as to whether Climate Change, for instance, has anything to do with human activity, can be answered automatically. Since the middle-class Establishment is convinced that Climate Change is due to the level of CO2 in the atmosphere put there by humans, the General Public can be certain our disrupted weather patterns, whatever the cause, will have nothing to do with the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. In fact, because this idea is so universally supported by the Western Establishment, not only is it likely to be wrong, we can be pretty-well certain that the opposite is true namely, that there is probably a deficiency of CO2 in the atmosphere and Governments are therefore doing precisely the wrong thing in attempting to reduce atmospheric CO2. 

I am not trying to be insulting but the mere fact that you are, ‘one of them’ almost guarantees that your views about why there is less snow nowadays, is going to be wrong. Whatever the issue, most people have at last realised that most every prognostication coming from the Establishment and Media, is going to be completely wrong. The mere fact you accept the views of the media and all the State-funded ‘Chattering Experts’, almost guarantees that you, as part of this discredited clique, has as much chance of being correct about the causes of Climate Change, as Tony Blair had about Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – (or Chamberlain’s ‘Peace in Our Time’; or the Bird Flu epidemic; or the Arab Spring; or ISIS; or Syria; or Crimea; or the Foot and Mouth outbreak; or the New Ice Age; or The End of History; or ‘Safe Sex’, or the Ozone Hole; or Over population; or Life Expectancy; or the New World Order…. The list goes on and on.) 

The reason millions of people voted to get out of the EU and millions more voted for Trump while the rest of the world continues to vote against the Establishment, is because the influential classes, like yourself, have aligned themselves with a debased, incompetent, fraudulent and gullible Establishment whose only intent seems to be to create conflict. 

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