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I knew it was a while since I had posted; coming back here today I see it’s six months. Oops. I have some lame excuses about moving house, settling in to a new country and so on, but who’s buying it?

The truth is usually that I didn’t have anything to say, and in that case, it’s better to keep silent. But I have been writing, and working on various stages of different books, and so here’s a quick post of what’s happening, and what books I hope will appear in 2016.

Have a very good and peaceful holiday.

Mister Memory
My second novel for the excellent people at Mulholland, Mister Memory is scheduled for July 2016, and is the final realisation of an idea I’ve tried to work with for a very long time, over a decade in fact. Inspired by the real story of Solomon Shereshevsky, it’s the story of a man with a perfect memory. Shereshevsky was a Russian living in the early 20th century, who lived a pretty sad life due to his inability to forget. Mister Memory recounts the tale of Marcel Despréz, working in the clubs of Pigalle, Paris at the end of the 19th. It’s a tale of murder and of power, but above all of the fact that in order to function, we have to find the balance between memory and forgetting.

Saint Death
October will (I hope) see the arrival of my next book for Orion. I’ve just finished the first draft, and am trying not to tinker with it for a while. It’s set (literally) on the border of Mexico and the United States. It’s about death, love, money, power, guns, gambling and lies. It’s about three friends who are part of the kind of community that suffers greatly from the narco wars.

Blood Red, Snow White
If you’re reading this in the States, however, it’s more likely that the next YA book released will be this true story about an English writer and his small but significant role in the Russian Revolution. You can read more about it here.
Finally, I’m now working on a short book/long essay about one of my favourite subjects, for Little Toller. This is a beautiful series (have a look here) and I’m really happy to be adding to it. It’s possible to write about anything, anywhere – but it’s fun when what you’re writing about is all around you. As I write these words from my new writing room in our new house in the French Alps, with snow lying thickly on the ground, my work as a writer is made that little bit easier.
That’s it for 2016, but looking further ahead, 2017 should hopefully see the following books.


Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black
After Dark Satanic Mills, my brother and I wanted to work on something else. This book is the result. It takes the Orpheus legend and recasts it during the Christmas of 1944 in London. Harry Black, conscientious objector, artist, is working as a fire warden as the doodlebugs and V2s pound the city towards oblivion. It’s part novel, part graphic novel. There is exciting news about the artist for this one, but I’m not allowed to say who that might be, as yet.
Scarlett Hart: The Tentacles of Terror
Another collaboration, this time with my great friend Thomas Taylor. We’ve both posted bits and pieces about this long-running project for First Second Books, which has been beset by delays. We’re both now happy to say it looks like it’s back on track and I hope 2017 will see it emerge. Thomas is doing an amazing job with the art, he’s a total natural for comics, and I can’t wait to see the finished thing.

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