Here’s a blog that’s short on words but with lots of pictures.

Ever since I started writing books I have always made some kind of diagram or map to help me do it. Writing a book is hard and I do everything I can to make it easier. Making maps is just one of those things.

I’ve kept them all and thought I’d post a few here. They are all slightly different, because every book is, but however they look, they help me get my thoughts straight before and during the time that I put fingertips to the keyboard.

I’ve posted them here in reverse order – newer books first…

DSC_0331These are various maps for a version of a book that I aborted several times. The book’s finally coming out this October in the UK, and is now called She Is Not Invisible.
Version 2
The simple map for Midwinterblood. That’s raspberry juice at the bottom,  by the way 🙂
The map for White Crow – note the working title; titles often change.
Version 2
This is the map for Revolver, literally, for once, a map.
Version 2
The three-pager for My Swordhand Is Singing
Version 2
This is the first of three versions of a map for The Book of Dead Days


Version 2
This is the third of three maps used for The Book of Dead Days
Version 2
This is a sketch I did of ‘The City’ for The Book of Dead Days; I don’t always do sketches but they sometimes help to bring the place to life in my head.


Version 2
A couple of maps for Witch Hill; rare for me to use ink since usually I am rubbing things out and changing them.
Version 2
And a sketch of Alison, the accused girl in Witch Hill



Version 2
Finally: a curiosity – the map for the fourth of the four books I wrote before I got my first title published.


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  1. Melanie says:

    Thanks for sharing – I love to see how other writers plan their work. I use maps too.

    By the way you have nice handwriting for a bloke!


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