My Swordhand is Singing @ Pop Up

Here’s a bunch of photos from the Swordhand play we put on at the Pop Up festival on Saturday, including one of my favourite moments: Agnes leans in to kiss something she now knows ISN’T her boyfriend…

It was a creepy moment, made all the more creepy by the wonderful music from Eamonn O’Dwyer and the clever shadow puppet work of the cast.

I was really delighted with this first, miniature outing for the book as a play, and I think it shows what we’re trying to do for the whole piece, as and when we can pull that off. The text and music collided really well and the atmosphere was spot on, and I want to thank Alex Sutton, our amazing director, as well as the whole cast: Alex Beck, Noa Bodner, Freddie Hutchins, Ruth Leavesly, Anne Leone, Gemma Sandzer and Rhys Saunders, as well as our sound and lighting team: Mitch Peters and Chris Withers.

The creepy bits were certainly a highlight but maybe the best bit of all was watching happy faces streaming out of the tent afterwards 🙂

Oh, the cross at the end? That was put up by some workmen on a site opposite our tent…

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