Radio silence

Like many bloggers I am guilty of occasional long silences, a result of having too much to do and yet not much to say about it either.

I’ve been travelling a lot, doing talks and school events, and got back last week from the States, where I’d been in New Orleans at the ALA conference, which was excellent: I discovered that American school and public librarians are every bit as wonderful, enthusiastic and knowledgable as their British counterparts. Why, on both sides of the Atlantic, we are cutting library services, is beyond me. Or rather, I know full well why, but it’s a crime.

I also had time to indulge my obsession with Bond: this is the location of the Jazz funeral at the start of Live and Let Die 🙂

Today is my last school event of the season, and then I have two weeks to write half a book, and co write half a screenplay with my brother. Oh, and get ideas for a new YA book together, finally. So that should all be a doddle, and I’m wondering what to do with my spare time :-/

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  1. dex and bebe says:

    if you need any help,call on us two. Totally agree with library madness


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