Twitter event for Edbookfest

I’ve just written a short story called ‘Archipelago’ for Edinburgh Book Festival for a project called ‘Elsewhere’. They invited me to do a twitter q and a session today, and there’s a transcript of the whole event online here:

It was great fun, some deep questions, some silly ones, some that really stumped me, but the most interesting thing is that I find these events more nerve-wracking than ‘real’ ones, for some odd reason. Part of it is that you don’t know who, or how many people, you’re talking to, unlike a real event.

But it was fun and it’s good to think you can communicate with people around the world all at once.

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  1. I saw you on The Book Show today, and thought you were really inspirational. You're living my dream!

    I've never read your work before, but based on the awesome cover art for your latest book, I might have to start.

    Take care,



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