Author event by Skype

So, I just visited America, for an hour, to do a school visit, by Skype.

The photo shows students from Gilbert H Hood Middle School, in Derry, New Hampshire.

This is the first time I’ve done an event by Skype – it was the idea of librarian Kathy Lane, and it was enormous fun. As I sat in my writing shed as dusk fell in England, I spoke to the students in Derry, about writing in general and about Revolver in particular.

The picture was great throughout, and with the aid of a roving mic I was able to hear the students’ questions. Though I would normally use powerpoint to do an event, I was able to wave various things at the students that related to their questions – my notebook, the shell case that inspired Revolver in the first place, and so on. It was a very different, exciting kind of event, and I got to speak to students I would normally never be able to.

A taste of the future, and a very enjoyable one at that. Thanks to Kathy Lane, Mr Keeley, and all the students of the PACE group at Gilbert H Hood Middle School. Great fun to talk to you.

The only sad thing, maybe, was that I couldn’t sign a book for anyone 😦

(Though there’s even a machine that can do that now – they have one Waterstones Bookshop, Picadilly, London…)

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  1. Hello everyone.

    Great to get that feedback – I REALLY enjoyed meeting you and yes, it was almost like being in the library with you, too.

    A few answers to your comments – Stephanie – it was a nice cup of black coffee, to keep me warm in my writing shed.

    My accent? Ha ha! You guys are funny – it's you with the accent 😉

    Kelsey – thanks, but you should hear my brother's middle name…

    Briana – remain totally off to the side. Life will be more interesting that way.

    Ryan – how could I forget you?

    Spencer – love the shirt. You rock.

    OK, I must write something.

    Kathy, a pleasure – any time, and I really hope you're back on fighting form soon.

    Bye for now


    ps Thomas – looking forward to having you here for lunch, and not even virtually.


  2. hk.flannery says:

    Hello! Its Kelsey, from Hood Middle School. Since this Skype was my first, i really enjoyed the Skype idea. Your british accent was very cool. I very much enjoyed talking with you. I'm glad I was part if the first american class you met! I liked your writing techniques very much. Thank you so much!
    (Your garden didn't seem that bad. (: I also don't think your middle name is bad)


  3. poptartsman3 says:

    Hi marcus!

    It was so much fun talking to you through Skype. Your british accent was pretty cool, haha. That was so great having you talk with us, I bet everyone is jealous. 😛

    Spencer – Long brown hair, 'Guitar shirt', haha.


  4. Nancy says:


    It's Ryan – in case you don't remember, I was in the class too!

    I enjoyed your presentation; it was a lot of fun. You talked about a lot of interesting topics, and am glad we got to speak with you! I was looking forward to it for days!

    Anyway, thanks!


  5. overlyhyped says:

    Hello, Marcus!

    I'm following my friend Stephanie in commenting on here :D! I have to say, I thought this was really amazing! I was actually sad once we had to end our conversation! You're such an interesting, good humored person. I bet you're all the rage in Britain! I only wish I had the courage to speak more!

    So, thank you for such an interesting class hour!

    – Briana L. [The girl with the glasses and gray sweatshirt. hidden off to the side. That's totally me.]


  6. LivinInSong says:

    Hi Mr.Marcus!

    It's Stephanie (the one with the yellow shirt and who had trouble talking(: ) I just have to say, Skyping with you was the highlight of my day! This was my first time using Skype, and it was a very fun and entertaining experience!
    Thank you for taking your time to talk with us!

    By the way, in the beginning, when you couldn't hear us very well, I asked you how was your tea or cofee, or whatever was in your mug. So… How was your drink? 😉
    Thanks again!
    Stephanie M.


  7. What a great way to use skype! How long before the 3D hologram version, I wonder.


  8. Tina Mentus says:

    Hi Marcus,

    This was just an amazing event….it was such an engaging and intimate setting it was like having you right here in the library. It was also fun to watch night fall behind you as the hour passed. I think the visuals you presented were so much more impressive than a power point. All the students and staff who participated and watched were very impressed by the whole event.

    Thank you for making today such a fun was awesome.

    Tina Mentus 🙂


  9. kathy says:

    Good Afternoon Marcus:

    What a wonderful event and you were the perfect author. You were informative, funny and engaging. Thank you for coming on this adventure with us in Derry and now I want to have you repeat at my other middle school…Will be in touch after my medical leave.

    Thank you again – it was fabulous!

    Kathy Lane


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