So, about that book I was writing…

A while ago, I posted some words on My New Book…

That was at the front end of the summer I think, and back then, it was all going along really well. I’d done ten thousand words fairly speedily (and it’s aways been my belief that fast writing is good writing, because it shows that it’s all flowing properly) so I was quite content.

Then, this thing happened. Namely, I went off to Sweden for a month or so, in order to finish the book. In fact, two things happened. Firstly, I wrote not a single word of the book while I was away. Secondly, and of even greater concern to my and my editor’s sanity, was that I didn’t want to write any more of it either.

I’m not entirely sure why this was, but let’s just say that I didn’t feel it. Not really. So I threw away the ten thousand words. That will teach me to blog about word counts…
And hence the long silence about the book.

However, thanks to the gods of writing, another idea popped into my head one day as I cycled round the island I was living on, an idea so exciting and weird that I knew I wanted that to be my next book. And the idea was not only almost fully formed, I knew I could write it very quickly.

So after a few weeks home, I went back to the island, and started to write. 37 days later, I have it. Pretty much done.

To say I’m relieved is an understatement of the highest order, but I’m also excited. I know there will be LOTS to do in rewriting, since it’s all happened so fast, but I’m excited about it, and that has to be the main thing.

And if I’m wrong about that, well, somebody show me the exit…

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  1. Sue Hyams says:

    I have to admit I was a bit miffed at your word count! 6000 words in one day! Made my efforts look pretty piddly, and now you've ditched it!? Very brave. I hope it's not really thrown away but just moved aside. Looking forward to reading the new idea though.


  2. This is what comes of sitting on Swedish Islands eating cheese from a tube, Marcus. No doubt listening to Koop.

    Good luck with that revision. I look forward to finding out more.


  3. dex and bebe says:

    If anyone is gonna know if it feels right its you. Sensing a man of instinct and the courage of his convictions,sad as it might be, the belief you exude with this baby means its a winner. Very brave to always start again but our mum has told us if it feels right,how can it be wrong? :). We cant WAIT to share it. Well done dearest Marcus xxxx


  4. Thank you DOT. Yes, you're right, the 'bad' words can linger in a folder somewhere and maybe they'll develop some culture after a while 🙂

    Liz, yes, there's always the bad stuff so it means one has to enjoy the good stuff too, when you get a break…

    Hope all well with you


  5. Liz says:

    Hi Marcus

    Wow – so, these weird stop-start things happen to you too?! That is such a relief to hear.

    But, more importantly, I am happy to hear about the new book. 37 days…phew – there are days that I both love and hate you. 🙂 You are a great inspiration.

    I am indulging in White Crow shortly and am really looking fwd to it.


  6. DOT says:

    Unlike you, I write with snails overtaking me in the outer lane. However, like you, I find a break fatal. Not forever. My first book wot I have write languished for four years before I revisited it. I kept certain characters but changed everything else. So don't say you have thrown away, leave your 10,000 words to moulder and grow some interesting fungi.

    And congrats on whatever it is you have completed.


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