…is a game, a tennis match, a battle of wits, an exercise in horse-trading, and whatnot, but every once in a while you just have to concede the point to your editor. So (sadly) the following lines will not now appear in White Crow, when it’s published in July.

I know some who have seen great fissures in the earth, rent cave mouths and slit rock, wherein lies the entrance to the path to Hell. I spoke to a man from the North of England some years gone, who told me he had seen such an entrance with his very eyes. I understood from him that the gateway to Hell is somewhere outside Bolton.

Maybe it’s for the best…there are some nice librarians in Bolton, after all.

I think I might start posting more deletions. Could make a whole new book out of them…

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  1. Thanks Becky.

    Well, (in a surprise move), I was going for humour, but as my editor smartly pointed out, not humour that will work for the US edition. Though we could have made it Pittsburgh I guess…

    OK – will post some more deletions when I get back to editing the last 60 pages of White Crow. If there's anything interesting…


  2. Becky says:

    I guess there is the evidence that writers do need editors after all. But if you were going for humour, then I think it really works.

    Please post more deletions.


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