Magic and Mayhem…

…is the title of Raven Mysteries Book V, which I am writing at the mo. I’m about halfway through which is good, because I promised myself I’d have it done by Christmas, and if I’m still writing at five minutes to midnight on Christmas eve, I’ll nod at Santa as he comes down the flue of the log burner and jolly well keep on writing.

All is going fine so far, and the ‘plot’ has frequent mention of cabbages, bunnies and the lethal combination of the two. Obviously. I have to confess I’m getting some help with this one; rabbit names are being supplied by the best rabbit namer in the country (that’s official), and my very own daughter told me the funniest thing I’ve heard in years the other day, so that’s going in too!
Now, how many hours till Christmas exactly? Oh, dear…

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  1. In your promise to yourself, did you specify Gregorian calendar? That's always a good way of getting some more days. *Of course* you meant traditional, pre-Gregorian as used in some vampire-ridden countries until well into 20th century 😉


  2. innkeeper says:

    …may your creative juices continue to flow…and happy anniversary…you really shop pop over and spend some of your earnings…..could probably make it tax deducatible! D3 in the fridge of Vermont


  3. dex and bebe says:

    I am very honoured to be mentioned Marcus.My bunnies (Dexter and Bebe) have let the fame go to their fluffy ears. Love the rabbit namer x


  4. Good luck! Sounds interesting — I'll be thinking of you on Christmas eve as you fling mince pies at Santa.


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