23 years

OK so it’s a shocking amount of time since I last posted, but that’s because I’m rubbish…

It’s not quite 23 years since I posted, but it is 23 years since I left ‘big’ school, to where I returned on Tuesday gone to give a talk to Year 8. And a lovely bunch they were too. I was delighted to go, but have to say it was extremely weird to be back on the stage of the old hall from where maters used to bark at us all… Anyway, I enjoyed it, and didn’t even have to resort to telling the story about the time I nearly blew up the pavilion…

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  1. isanohohoemi says:

    is great when go back time like that heheh
    when i saw my junior school is such a weird feeling: everything seems different but it really hasn't changed at all.
    anyway, in other news:
    i have just finished “The Foreshadowing” and is great! I really liked it! so much suspense and makes you see the horror of wars… which i think are the result of ignorance lead them by people who have the gift of being leaders but they don't know how to use that gift to bring good.
    but, but… is Tom alright?? he made it?? omg i really hope he did cuz it'd be such a sad book for me ;_; i'm glad she found her way in life but Tom… he was such a nice character…

    okay, i didn't quite understood her dreams cuz there were so many words i didn't understood… geez this is the problem when english isn't your mother's tongue <.<
    anyway this book is one more that makes you my favorite writer! XDD


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