I’m in a non-writing phase at the moment, I’m just doing some rewrites of next year’s novel: Revolver. You can see a brief teaser for it here.

Otherwise I’m enjoying reading some things I should have read a long time ago, and puting my feet up a bit.

Now that I have a ‘proper’ keyboard again, I want to say a proper thank you to Barry Sayer and everyone at the British School of Brussels, where I had a superb time. It was I think the nicest school I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking at and all the students and teachers were friendly and welcoming. Thanks for inviting me!

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  1. abydosww says:

    Hi Marcus,
    Just finished reading a proof of Revolver. I loved it! It’s when I read books like yours that I am so proud to be in charge of the Children’s literature in my book shop. Well done, another amazing book to add to my collection.


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  3. Thanks everyone for writing – I really appreciate your support.My head is now clearish… I had a little trip to the beautiful Suffolk coast last weekend and can feel the start of a new book coming on.


  4. Rangsima says:

    Hope you have a great rest (but still hope it won’t be so long or I would die missing your writing) I’m one of your fans. Every single one of your book is addicting, I have to say and that makes me read them again and again. Your writing skill is more than great, so please keep writing for us. You know, I’m Thai and English is not my native and in our daily life, Thais have a little chance to use English, so many people just ignore it. But because of your writings, I feel so grateful I can use English.


  5. Hello! I'm María IsabelI'm from Mexico :] I've read 3 of your books because here there are only available those 3 <.<However I just needed those 3 to know that you're such an amazing storyteller!! XDI agree with Nathan, it'd be great to watch a movie based on some of your books!! *excited* >w<I like to create stories too but I prefer to draw them than just writing heheh and your stories inspire me and motivate me!I hope that some day I can get the rest of your books!^^Have such a great time during your break!!And since is already december I wish you happy holidays!! :]


  6. Nathan Boddu says:

    Hope you enjoy your break from writing. Clear your head and get the blood flowing.I can’t wait for your next book to come out. I was looking at the preview and it seems interesting and historical. -Nathan BodduP.S. I was re-reading some of your books and i think some of your books would make amazing movies. You should talk to a movie producer or director.


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