A writer’s life for me. At least for the five minutes whena) you’ve just finished writing a new book,b) you’re on holiday, and the view looks like this,c) the prospect of four rewrites of a) seems a long way off.

A Translation As Promised

I wrote an introduction to what I wanted to say – then crossed it out. Yet, still I wishthat before the darkness closes over me the last that is seen of me is a clutched fist among the waterliliesand the last that is heard is a wordof bubbles from the deep.Gunnar Ekelöf – Among Waterlilies…

Harmony House

Home to the friendliest book festival in the UK. Thanks to Paula and Alistair.

Hello, and goodbye

I can’t think of a better way to start a blog than with some gloomy Swedish poetry. Jag har skrivit en inledning till vad jag skulle ha sagt men jag har strukit den – Dock önskar jag att innan mörkret slår samman over mig det sista som syns av mig skall vara en knuten näve…